Attila the Hun

A biography of Attila in the context of his people and his time. ATTILA THE HUN BIOGRAPHY 406-453 Attila the Hun was an infamous, vicious barbarian King who attacked the Roman Empire and was so fierce he was named "THE SCOURGE OF GOD"! Attila the Hun was the legendary king of the Huns - a Mongoloid people who began invading the Roman Empire in the 300's. Attila was so furious in his attacks, he was named "SCOURGE OF GOD"! The Huns were originally from a tribe of Mongolians from Central Asia, who settled in the area known later as Hungary. Attila was born in 406 and in 434, at the age of 28, Attila succeeded his uncle as leader of the Huns. Attila at first ruled with his brother, Bleda, but murdered Bleda in 445 to take complete control. By the 5th Century, the Roman Empire was almost totally disintegrated and the Huns ruled a large empire. From 435 to 439, Attila conquered, pillaged and attacked his way through eastern and central Europe. The Eastern Emperor of the Byzantine empire was paying Attila an amount to keep the Huns from attacking his empire. But the emperor could not keep up the payments and Attila invaded the Byzantine Empires in 2 attacks in 441 and in 447. In 447, he led his horsemen to take over the Balkan Land, attacking Greece and threatening Constantinople, which was the center of the Roman Empire in the East. [People in History]

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