Antigonus the Successor "Diadochoi" by Ben Martinez Alexander's death in Babylon on (June 10, 323 B.C.) left the empire without a direct heir at the time of his death, since Alexander had an unborn child with a Bactrian princess Roxane. The vast empire that Alexander conquered with the sword was loosely held together and after his death the leading officers present in Babylon came together to discuss who was going to exercise power on behalf of the Argead dynasty until a king was named. Perdiccas was in the strongest position to assume the role, having been Alexander's chief lieutenant during the last months of his riegn... Plus Periccas own report that Alexander gave him his ring, its seal the symbol of the state. Perdiccas with the ring given to him by Alexander and acting as a Chiliarch(Vizier) summoned the council of generals to find a successor to Alexander's empire.

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