Ancient Damascus - Map of New Testament Israel

DA-MAS`CUS (sack full of blood, similitude of burning), A city of Syria east of Anti-Lebanus, and in the midst of a lovely and fertile plain opening on the Desert. Gen. 14:15 , 15:2 Contiguous region called "Syria of Damascus," 2 Sam. 8:5. Taken by David, 8: 5, 6, and by Jeroboam, 2 Kings 14:28. Afterwards subject to Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Seleucidae and the Romans. In Paul`s time much thronged by Jews. Scene of Paul`s conversion. Acts 9:1-27; 22:1-16. Always a commercial centre, Ezek, 27:18. Called now in the East the "Paradise of the world." Present population, 150,000. Belongs to Turkey. Chief gathering place of pilgrims for Mecca. Damask cloth and Damascus swords are noted. Still a street there called "Straight," as in Acts 9:11.