Ancient City of Goor (Gur)

Ancient city of Goor also Gour or Gur is located 100km south of Shiraz, Fars Province, next to city of Firooz Abad. The city is believed to be founded during Achaemenid dynasty (550-330 BCE). It was encircled by Alexander, but because of its robust fortification and dedicated defenders he couldn't be able to surrender the city; then ordered to submerge the city by diverting nearby river to low area of city turn it into a lake. After centuries, Ardashir Babakan, the founder of Sasanid dynasty (224""651 CE), ordered to dig a channel and discharged the lake, then rebuilt the city as his capital. During Arabs' invasion (651 CE), the city again destroyed and after about 3 centuries, a new city which is now called Firooz Abad, was built just next to ruins of the original city by Daylamiain Dynasty.