Ancient Bethel - Map of New Testament Israel

BETH-EL (house of God). 1. A city and holy place of central Israel, twelve miles north of Jerusalem. Two accounts of name in Gen, 28:19 ; 35:14-15. But consult Gen. 12:8. Ephraim took it as Bethel, Judg. 1:22-26. Israelites went up to Bethel to ask counsel of God, Judg. 20:18, 26, 31. The ark was there, Judg. 20:26, 28. A holy city, 1 Sam. 7:16. 2. A town in the south of Judah, Josh, 12:6; 1 Sam. 30:27 ; appears elsewhere as Chesil, Bethul, and Bethuel.

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