Anathoth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. 1 Chronicles 7:8. 2. 1 Chronicles 10:19. 3. A priests' city of Benjamin. ("echoes".) (Joshua 21:18; 1 Chronicles 6:60). Abiathar the priest was banished thither by Solomon after his attempt to put Adonijah on the throne (1 Kings 2:26). Abiezer's birthplace, one of David's 30 captains (2 Samuel 23:27); Jehu's also, one of his mighties (1 Chronicles 12:3); Jeremiah's, the priest and prophet, also (Jeremiah 1:1). Among the restored captives from Babylon were 128 men of Anathoth The name is variously given: Anethothite, Anetothite, Antothite. Near the road, about three miles N. from Jerusalem (Isaiah 10:30). Now Anata, on a broad ridge, amidst fields of grain, figs, and olives. There are remains of walls, and quarries supplying stone to Jerusalem.

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