Alexander in Smiths Bible Dictionary

1. Son of Simon the Cyrenian, who was compelled to bear the cross for our Lord. Mr 15:21 2. One of the kindred of Annas the high priest. Ac 4:6 3. A Jew at Ephesus whom his countrymen put forward during the tumult raised by Demetrius the silversmith, Ac 19:33 to plead their cause with the mob. 4. An Ephesian Christian reprobated by St. Paul in 1Ti 1:20 as having, together with one Hymenaeus, put from him faith and a good conscience, and so made shipwreck concerning the faith. This may be the same with 5. Alexander the coppersmith, mentioned by the same apostle, 2Ti 4:14 as having done him many mischiefs.

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