Alcaeus in Wikipedia

Alcaeus may refer to several ancient Greek figures, notably: * Alcaeus (mythology) (disambiguation), the son of Perseus and the father of Amphitryon * Alcaeus of Mytilene, a lyric poet of the archaic period * Alcaeus of Messene, a Greek epigrammatist of the late 3rd/early 2nd century BC * Alcaeus and Philiscus (2nd-century BC), two Epicurean philosophers expelled from Rome in either 173 BC or 154 BC. * Alcaeus, incidentally spoken of by Polybius as habitually ridiculing the grammarian Isocrates. It is possible that this and the above, of whom nothing further is known, may have been identical with each other, and with the Alcaeus of Messene. * Alcaeus (comic poet), a writer of ten plays of the Old Comedy. * 12607 Alcaeus - a main belt asteroid