Ahaz in Naves Topical Bible

1. King of Judah, son and successor of Jotham 2Ki 15:38; 16:1; 2Ch 27:9; 28:1 Idolatrous abominations of 2Ki 16:3,4; 2Ch 28:2-4,22-25 Kingdom of, invaded by the kings of Syria and Samaria 2Ki 16:5,6; 2Ch 28:5-8 Robs the temple to purchase aid from the king of Asia 2Ki 16:7-9,17,18; 2Ch 28:21 Visits Damascus, obtains a novel pattern of an altar, which he substitutes for the altar in the temple in Jerusalem, and otherwise perverts the forms of worship 2Ki 16:10-16 Sundial of 2Ki 20:11; Isa 38:8 Prophets in the reign of Isa 1:1; Ho 1:1; Mic 1:1 Prophecies concerning Isa 7:13-25 Succeeded by Hezekiah 2Ki 16:20 -2. Son of Micah 1Ch 8:35; 9:41,42

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