Agesipolis III in Wikipedia

Agesipolis III (Greek: Ἀγησίπολις Γ) was the 31st and last of the kings of the Agiad dynasty in ancient Sparta.[1] He was the son of another Agesipolis (not to be confused with the earlier Spartan monarchs with that name), and grandson of Cleombrotus II. After the death of Cleomenes III he was elected king while still a minor, and placed under the dubious guardianship of an uncle named Cleomenes.[2] Agesipolis was however soon deposed by his colleague Lycurgus. In 195 BC, he was at the head of the Lacedaemonian exiles, who joined Titus Quinctius Flamininus in his attack upon Nabis, the tyrant of Lacedaemon (see War against Nabis).[3] Agesipolis was a member of an embassy sent about 183 BC to Rome by the Lacedaemonian exiles, and, with his companions, was intercepted by pirates and killed.[4]