Adrammelech in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(splendor of the king). 1. The name of an idol introduced into Samaria by the colonists from Sepharvaim. 2Ki 17:31 He was worshipped with rites resembling those of Molech, children being burnt in his honor. Adrammelech was probably the male power of the sun, and ANAMMELECH, who is mentioned with Adrammelech as a companion god, the female power of the sun. 2. Son of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, who, with his brother Sharezer, murdered their father in the temple of Nisroch at Nineveh, after the failure of the Assyrian attack on Jerusalem. The parricides escaped into Armenia. 2Ki 19:37; 2Ch 32:21; Isa 37:38