Additions to Daniel - Bell and the Dragon

The last addition contains the narrative of the destruction of Bel and the dragon. The first narrative recounts the clever manner in which Daniel shows the king that the offerings to the Babylonian idol, Bel, were really consumed at night by the pagan priests and their families: in consequence, these impostors were put to death, and Bel and its temple destroyed. The second recounts how Daniel caused to die a great dragon that the Babylonians worshipped. Enraged at this, the people forced the king to cast the Prophet into a lions' den. Daniel remained there unharmed for six days, and fed by the prophet Habakkuk who was miraculously transported from Judea to Babylon. On the seventh day, the king having found Daniel alive in the midst of the lions, praised aloud the God of Daniel and delivered the Prophet's accusers to the fate which Daniel had miraculously escaped. [Apocryphal Book Listing] [Additions to Daniel]

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