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Adad-nirari II is generally considered to be the first King of Assyria in the Neo-Assyrian period. Family Adad-nirari II's father was Ashur-dan II, whom he succeeded. Adad-nirari II's son was named Tukulti-Ninurta II and Tukulti continued to wage war against Assyrian enemies.[1]. [edit] Reign He reigned from 911[2] to 891 BC. [edit] Dating Significance Because of the existence of full eponym lists from his reign down to the middle of the reign of Ashurbanipal in the 7th century BC, year one of his reign in 911 BC is perhaps the first event in ancient Near Eastern history which can be dated to an exact year, although the Assyrian King List is generally considered to be quite accurate for several centuries before Adad-nirari's reign, and scholars generally agree on a single set of dates back to Ashur-resh-ishi I in the late 12th century BC. [edit] Life Adad Nirari II campaigned on numerous occasions against the enemies of Assyria in an attempt to continue his Father's efforts at protecting Assyria's borders[3]. Adad Nirari II campaigned against the forces of Babylon to the south, in which he subjugated the Aramean cities of Kadmuh and Nisibin. Along with vast amounts of treasure collected, he also secured the Habur region[1].