Achaemenid Remains in Parthian City

In Search of Achaemenid Remains in Parthian City. While looking for evidence of the Median civilization in Ecbatana historic hill in Hamadan, remains of the Parthian civilization were discovered. New season of excavations in this ancient hill will focus on the rich civilizations of the Parthians and the Achaemenids. Last year, archeologists started their excavations in the historic Ecbatana (Hegmataneh) hill in Iran's Hamedan province, looking for evidence of Median civilization which is believed to have populated this area sometime between 728 BC and 550 BC. Instead, excavations in the lower layers of this hill resulted in the discovery of a number of historic remains which archeologists believe to have belonged to the Parthian Empire (248 BC""AD 224) and surprisingly no single evidence from the Medians was found, making archeologists suspicious of the existence of the Medians in this hill at all.

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