Achaemenid Persia

Introduction. Persia is an alternate, though unofficial name for the country of Iran, its people, its art and its ancient empire. The early Persians were one of several Aryan tribes that settled in the Iranian plateau. The Persians settled into the southern region of the plateau, while the Medes occupied the north western portion. Herodotus tells us the Persian nation was made up of many tribes. The principal ones being the Pasargadae, the Maraphians, and the Maspians, of whom the Pasargadae were the noblest. The Achaemenidae, from which spring all the Persian kings, being one of their clans. The other Persian tribes being the Panthialaeans, the Derusiaeans, the Germanians, were engaged in husbandry; the Daans, the Mardians, the Dropicans, and the Sagartians, who were nomads.