Achaemenid Army

After Kuroush (Cyrus) overthrew Astayges, unifying the Median and Persian tribes, with himself at the helm, he continued to expand his empire. Though Kuroush was immortalized in the bible for his great tolerance, his military genius helped him overcome many enemies in combat. He trained his soldiers through hefty routines to condition them for combat. During his expansion westward Kuroush battled the armies of Croseus, king of Lydia. Babylon was alarmed, but Kuroush in act of pure political savy, assured Babylon that he was not contemplating attacking them. At that time war in mountainous regions was seasonal. Fighting through the summers and taking a break during the harsh long winters. Kuroush decided to attack early in Spring, when the mountain passes had opened, but the Lydians were still unsuspecting. The Lydians had a formidable cavalry. To solve this issue Kuroush set camels up in front of his army. The ghastly smell from the camels terrified the Lydian horses who fled, leaving their masters hopeless. After conquering Lydia, with Babylon pacified for the time-being, Kuroush set his sights on his eastern domain. Attacking tribes in Afghanistan and Central Asia until his empire had expanded into kingdoms such as Bactria and Sogdiana. Prepared for Babylon, Kuroush moved to attack Babylon. Most people were discontent with their king Nabonidus. The battle was short as Nabonidus soon fled.