Abijah in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(my father is Jehovah). 1. Son and successor of Rehoboam on the throne of Judah. 1Ki 4:21; 2Ch 12:16 He is called ABIJAH in Chronicles, ABIJAM in Kings. He began to reign B.C. 959, and reigned three years. He endeavored to recover the kingdom of the Ten Tribes, and made war on Jeroboam. He was successful in battle, and took several of the cities of Israel. We are told that he walked in all the sins of Rehoboam. 1Ki 14:23,24 2. The second son of Samuel, called ABIAH in our version. [ABIA, ABIAH, No. 3] 3. Son of Jeroboam I., king of Israel; died in his childhood. 1Ki 14:1 ... 4. A descendant of Eleazar, who gave his name to the eighth of the 24 courses into which the priests were divided by David. 1Ch 24:10; 2Ch 8:14; Ne 12:4,17 5. One of the priests who entered into a covenant with Nehemiah to walk in God's law, Ne 10:7 unless the name is rather that of a family, and the same with the preceding.

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