Abihail in Wikipedia

may refer to one of five different people mentioned in the Bible: Abihail the Levite lived during the time of the wandering of the Israelites in the wilderness. He was the head of the house of Merari and Levi's youngest son. (Numbers 3:35) Abihail was the wife of Abishur of the tribe of Judah. (I Chronicles 2:29) Abihail, from Gilead of Bashan, was head of the tribe of Gad. (I Chronicles 5:14) Abihail was the daughter of David's brother Eliab. She was married to David's son Jerimoth and became mother of Rehoboam's wife Mahalath. (II Chronicles 11:18) Abihail was the father of Queen Esther and uncle of Mordecai. (Esther 2:15; Esther 9:29)

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