Abiasaph in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

front. ("whose father God took away," namely, Korah: Numbers 16. Or else, "the father of gathering, the gatherer".) Head of a family of Korhites (a house of the Kohathites): Exodus 6:24; 1 Chronicles 6:37. Possibly Abiasaph may be a distinct person from Ebiasaph; in genealogies generations are often passed over between two persons of the same name. The descendants of Abiasaph, of whom Shallum was chief, were "keepers of the gates of the tabernacle" (1 Chronicles 9:19; 1 Chronicles 9:31), and "had the set office over the things made in the pans," in David's time. Compare Nehemiah 12:25.

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