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Series, Syllabi, and Larger Studies The Miracles of Jesus The Trinity Women in the Bible Slavery in the Bible The Making of the OT/Tanach The Christian Worldview The Work of Christ on the Cross The NT 'bias' and composition The issue of the Canon Messianic Prophecy An exploration in Theodicy Competing Claims to "Truth"? Christian arguments and conclusiveness? Why does Christianity need so much defending, if it's true? Exploring the process of revelation Notes from the Edge of my bible (vss comments) Of Interest to Followers of Other Religions For students of Islam Paul versus Jesus? (and versus James, etc) Nazarenes/Ebionites the only true Christians? For students of Judaism Did the messianic Jewish Believers use the Hebrew Bible deceitfully in the NT? Were 1st-century Jews expecting a Messiah? Was Jesus a failure as a Messiah? Why believe Jesus was the Messiah when he did not fulfill all the prophecies? Does the New Testament contradict the Hebrew bible by saying the 'eternal law' has been changed? Was Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross a case of illegal human sacrifice? Was John's Gospel anti-Semitic? Was Paul's statement in 1 Thess 2 anti-Semitic? [Philosophy]

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