Ancient Greek Shipwreck Found; Cargo was Fine Wine

Many others were from the island Skopelos, or ancient Peparethos, probably the last port of call before disaster struck. The ship's intended destination is not known, but Dr. Hadjidaki noted that the shape of the mound suggested that one end of the ship points to the southeast. Further excavations may produce more clues. Four amphoras were brought to the surface for detailed analysis, which enabled experts to date the wreck between 400 and 380 B.C. The entire site was meticulously mapped, and then one exploratory trench was dug. Beneath two layers of amphoras the archeologists uncovered a rich assortment of black-glazed ceramic wine cups and bowls, a small wine jar known as a kyathion, a cooking pot and a bronze bucket and ladle. 'More Marvelous Finds'

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