A Timeline of the New Kingdom

Theban Mapping Project presents a timeline on the New Kingdom. It goes from 1546 BC with Ahmes I to 1070 BC with Rameses XI. Pictures are included. Dynasty 18 through Dynasty 20, known as the New Kingdom, witnessed a time of international prestige and prosperity for Egypt. The kings of this period conducted extensive military [14770], diplomatic and trade relations with Nubians as far south as the Fourth Cataract in Nubia, with the Hittite Empire and the city states as far north as far as the Euphrates River in Syria, and with other Mediterranean states. In some areas Egypt exercised outright control. Several New Kingdom pharaohs (Thutmes IV, Amenhetep III and Rameses II) strengthened their international relations by marrying the daughters of foreign monarchs, and building Egyptian temples in foreign outposts [14278]. Foreigners were also active in all levels of Egyptian society, from slaves to personal aides to the king. Egyptian religion, language and art received some influences from these foreign contacts.

Link: http://www.thebanmappingproject.com/resources/timeline_6.html