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Who is Eliab?
        (to whom God is father). 1. The name of the prince of Zebulun when the census at Sinai was taken. Num 1:9; Num 2:7; Num 7:24,Num 7:29; Neh 10:16. 2. The father of Dathan and Abiram. Num 16:1, Num 16:12; Num 26:8-9; Deut 11:6. 3. The eldest brother of David. 1 Sam 16:6; 1 Sam 17:13, 1 Sam 28; 1 Chr 2:13; 2 Chr 11:18. 4. A Levite, ancestor of Samuel. 1 Chr 6:27. In 1 Sam 1:1 he is called Elihu, and in 1 Chr 6:34, Eliel. 5. A Gadite leader who joined David when in hold. 1 Chr 12:9. 6. A Levite who was both a porter and a musician. 1 Chr 15:18, 1 Chr 15:20; 1 Chr 16:5.

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