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e-li'-ab ('eli'abh, "God is father"):
(1) Prince of the tribe of Zebulun in the Exodus (Nu 1:9; 2:7; 7:24,29; 10:16).
(2) A Reubenite, father of Dathan and Abiram (Nu 16:11,12; 26:8 f; Dt 11:6).
(3) Eldest son of Jesse and brother of David (1 Sam 16:6), once called Elihu (1 Ch 27:18). He was of commanding appearance (1 Sam 16:6) and when serving with Saul's army at the time when it was confronting the Philistines and Goliath, was inclined to lord it over his brother David (1 Sam 17:28 f). His daughter Abihail became a Wife of Rehoboam (2 Ch 11:18).
(4) An Ephraimite, an ancestor of Samuel (1 Ch 6:27); called Eliel in 1 Ch 6:34, and Elihu in 1 Sam 1:1.
(5) A Gadire warrior with David (1 Ch 12:9), one of 11 mighty men (1 Ch 12:8,14).
(6) A Levite musician (1 Ch 15:18,20; 16:5).
(7) An ancestor of Judith (Judith 8:1; compare 9:2).
F. K. Farr
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