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Who is Heber?
        (alliance). 1. Grandson of Asher. Gen 46:17; Num 26:45; 1 Chr 7:31. 2. A Judite, 1 Chr 4:18. 3. A Gadite, 1 Chr 5:13. 4. A Benjamite, 1 Chr 8:17. 5. Another Benjamite, 1 Chr 8:22. 6. Heber the Kenite, the husband of Jael, who slew Sisera, Jud 4:22. See Jael, Sisera. Heber appears to have led a life apart from the rest of his tribe. He must have been a person of consequence, from the fact that it is stated that there was peace between him and the powerful king Jabin, Jud 4:17. 7. For Eber, Luke 3:35.

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