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        1. Grandson of the patriarch Asher, Ge 46:17; Nu 26:45; 1Ch 7:31 from whom came the Heberites. Nu 26:45
        2. The patriarch Eber. Lu 3:35 [EBER]
        3. The father of Socho; a Judite. 1Ch 4:18
        4. A Benjamite. 1Ch 8:17
        5. A Benjamite. 1Ch 8:22
        6. A Gadite. 1Ch 5:13
        7. The husband of Jael, who slew Sisera by driving a nail into his temple. Jud 4:21,22

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Smith, William, Dr "Meaning and Definition for 'heber' in Smiths Bible Dictionary". - Smith's; 1901.

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