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What is Bread?
     The bread of the Jews was generally made of wheat. Barley and other grains were sometimes used. Jud 7:13. The materials were prepared as in modern days. See Mill, Sieve. The kneading of the dough was performed in kneading-troughs. Gen 18:6; Ex. 12:34; Jer 7:18, or wooden bowls such as the Arabians use at this day for a like purpose, although some suppose that the kneading was done upon a circular piece of leather such as is now used in Persia, and which would be more properly called a kneading-bag, as it draws up like a knapsack. Either of the utensils would be easily transported. Very simple leaven was used in the dough. The loaves were shaped like a plate, and when leavened were ordinarily of the thickness of one's little finger. See Table. These cakes were generally baked in either public or private ovens. The fuel was wood or dried flower-stalks or grass. Other modes of baking were, however, used; as by spreading the dough upon heated stones or throwing it into the embers of the fire. A pan likewise seems to have been used at other times. 2 Sam 13:9. The unleavened bread was very thin, and was broken, not cut. Lam 4:4 BEE BRI ; Matt 26:26; Mark 14:22; Luke 22:19. The term bread is often used for food or provisions in general. Bread-corn, Isa 28:28, is used for wheat, barley, or any other grain from which bread was made. The figurative expressions bread of sorrows, Ps 127:2, and bread of tears, Ps 80:5, may denote that the suffering of sorrow and the shedding of tears had become as much a part of the portion of every day as one's daily bread. So the bread of wickedness, Prov 4:17, and bread of deceit, Prov 20:17, denote not only a living or estate obtained by fraud and sin, but that to do wickedly is as much the portion of a wicked man's life as to eat his daily bread.

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