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What is a Window?
        , In Eastern houses the windows are single apertures in the wall, opening upon the court within, not upon the street without, which gives a melancholy aspect to the streets. There is, however, sometimes a projecting balcony or porch in front of the house, carefully closed by lattice-work, and opened only at the occasion of some festival. From such a place Jezebel is supposed to have been looking out when she was seized and put to death by Jehu. 2 Kgs 9:30. And this was probably called the "casement." Prov 7:6; see also Song 2:9. Glazed windows were entirely unknown among the Hebrews, and are scarcely ever seen in the East at the present day. Before the Christian era, and, indeed, for several centuries after, glass was too costly to come into general use.

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