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What is Sychar?
        (drunken?). John 4:5. It is generally supposed that Sychar is a name of Shechem, perhaps given to it in derision. This was Robinson's view, and he seems to have followed a monkish tradition of the Middle Ages. The objection to identifying Sychar with Shechem is that Jacob's well, at the entrance into the valley, is a mile and a half from Shechem, and the woman, if belonging to Shechem. would not go so far for water when plenty was nearer at hand. Hence. Thomson, Canon Williams, Conder, Baedeker, and others identify Sychar with the little village of Askar, on the eastern slope of Ebal, about a mile and a half from Shechem, and to the north-east of Jacob's well. The village is merely a modern one built of mud, but there are remains of ancient tombs near the road beneath it.

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