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What is Succoth?
        (booths), a name for two places. 1. The place to which Jacob journeyed after leaving Esau, and where he built him a house and made booths for his cattle. Gen 33:17. It was given to the tribe of Gad. Josh 13:27. From this fact it would appear to be on the east side of the Jordan. Gideon severely punished the people of the place for not aiding him against the Midianites. Jud 8:5-8, Jud 8:14-16. At this town were the brass-foundries for casting the metal-work for the temple. 1 Kgs 7:46; 2 Chr 4:17. In the valley of the Jordan, about a mile from the river, and 10 miles south of Beisan, is a ruin called Sakut, which is identified by Robinson and others as Succoth. But the position of this place is on the wrong side of the Jordan for Succoth. The Talmud calls Succoth, Tarala, and Dr. Merrill discovered a site on the east side of the Jordan, called Tell Darala, which is 1 mile north of the Jabbok. This may be the ancient Succoth. The principal mound is thickly covered with broken pottery. 2. The first camping-place of the Israelites in the desert. Ex 12:37; Josh 13:20; Num 33:5-6. It was a day's journey from Rameses, and must have been 12 or 15 miles east of that place. Some would identify it with Birket Timseh, or "Lake of crocodiles," a few miles north of the northern end of the Red Sea.

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