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What is a Stranger?
     Gen 15:13. This word has a variety of significations in the sacred writings, as - 1. One who is in a foreign land, at a distance from the place of his nativity. Gen 23:4. 2. One who is not a Jew. Ex 20:10; Isa 14:1. 3. One not of Aaron's familv. Num 3:10; Num 16:40. 4. One that is not of the royal stock and family. Matt 17:25-26. 5. Unknown, disregarded. Ps 69:8. But usually the "strangers" were like our "naturalized citizens" - persons from foreign parts who come to reside permanently among us, and who are in all respects one with us. This element was very numerous in Israel, owing to the presence of the "mixed multitude" during the Exodus, and also because so many Canaanites continued to reside in the land. Among both these classes there would be proselytes. and with them marriage was permitted. This is the Rabbinic opinion. Captives were accounted strangers. Jewish law held them, equally with the Jews, under control. They amassed property, and were able to share in the worship provided they were circumcised. By this act they became one with the chosen people, and all offices were open to them save the kingship. Deut 17:15. It is doubtful whether they could be landowners, although they might hold mortgages. Neh 9:2; Gen 13:3 prove that after the Captivity the Jews were more exclusive. Our Lord, by his parable of the (Good Samaritan, rebukes this narrow spirit. In the N.T. "proselyte" takes the place of the O.T. term "stranger." The strangers were generally foreigners, occasionally in its more technical sense, as opposed to a citizen.

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