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What are Stars?
     Under the name of stars the Hebrews comprehended constellations, planets, and heavenly bodies - indeed, all luminaries except the sun and moon. The Psalmist, to exalt the power and omniscience of God, Ps 147:4, describes him taking a review of the stars as a king takes a survey of his army and knows the name of every one of his soldiers. To express a very extraordinary increase and multiplication, the sacred writers use the similitude of the stars of heaven or of the sands of the sea. Gen 15:5; Gen 22:17; Gen 26:4; Ex 32:13, etc. No part of the visible creation exhibits the glory of the Creator more illustriously than do the starry heavens. Ps 19:1. When we seriously contemplate the moon and stars, the work of the fingers of God, we cannot but be astonished that he should condescend to pay any attention to man. Ps 8:3. The celebrated philosopher Kant declared: "Two things fill my mind with evergrowing reverence and awe - the starry heavens above me, and the moral law within me." Stars are sometimes symbolically put for rulers and princes, Dan 8:10; sometimes, also, for pastors and ministers. Rev 1:16, Ruth 4:20. The angels, too, appear to be intended by the term, Job 38:7, and sometimes it points prophetically to the Lord of angels. Num 24:17. Jesus Christ is called the "Morning Star," Rev 22:16, as he introduced the light of the gospel day and made a fuller manifestation of the truths of God than the prophets, whose predictions are now accomplished.

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