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What is Sorcery?
        , one of the arts of the magicians, Ex 7:11 - hence called "sorcerers" - by the use of which they pretended to predict future events, cure diseases, work miracles, etc. Acts 8:9; Josh 13:6. The practice of sorcery, or any confidence in it, is threatened with the severest judgments. Mal 3:5; Rev 21:8; Rev 22:15. 'SO'REK, VALLEY OF (a choice vine), the home of Delilah, whom Samson loved. Jud 16:4. Conder identifies it with the present Wady Surar, which has a broad flat valley, in the neighborhood of Beth-shemesh and Zorah. On the northern side of this valley is a ruin called Surik. Perhaps it was along this same valley that the lowing kine drew the ark. See Beth-shemesh.

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