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What is Shur?
        (fort), a place in the wilderness, on the south-west of Palestine, including the whole district between the north-eastern frontier of Egypt and the land of Canaan. The wilderness is also spoken of as the "wilderness of Etham." Num 33:8. We first read of Shur in the account of Hagar's flight, and this region later became the dwelling-place of the wild Ishmaelites. Gen 16:7; Gen 25:18. Abraham dwelt between Kadesh and Shur. Gen 20:1. It was over against Egypt. 1 Sam 15:7; 1 Sam 27:8. Some would identify it with Ayun Musa, 7 or 8 miles from Suez; but Trumbull supposes it to mean "a wall of Egypt," from the Great to the Red Sea. See Etham.

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