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Who is Seraiah?
        (warrior of Jehovah). 1. David's scribe, 2 Sam 8:17; called Sheva in 2 Sam 20:25, Shisha in 1 Kgs 4:3, and Shavsha in 1 Chr 18:16. 2. The high priest in the reign of Zedekiah, taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and killed at Riblah. 2 Kgs 25:18-21; 1 Chr 6:14; Jer 52:24-27. 3. A Netophathite who submitted to Gedaliah. 2 Kgs 25:23; Jer 40:8. 4. A Judite. 1 Chr 4:13-14. 5. A Simeonite. 1 Chr 4:35. 6. A priest who came back with Zerubbabel, Ezr 2:2; Neh 10:2; Neh 12:1, Josh 12:12; called Azariah in Neh 7:7. 7. One of the ancestors of Ezra, Ezr 7:1; Neh 11:11; called Azariah in 1 Chr 9:11. 8. An officer whom Jehoiakim commanded to take Baruch and Jeremiah. Jer 36:26. 9. The brother of Baruch, who was a member of the court and held, during the journey of Zerubbabel to Babylon, the position of leader of the caravan, for so the words "quiet prince" should read, Jer 51:59, Josh 15:61.

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