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What is Seleucia?
        , the seaport of Antioch, and the place at which Paul and Barnabas embarked on their first missionary journey. It was on the Mediterranean, about 5 miles north of the river Orontes and 16 miles west of Antioch. Seleucia lay on the slope of Mount Coryphaeus, and was founded by Seleucus Nicator, died b.c. 280. To distinguish it from other cities named from the same founder, it was sometimes called "Seleucia ad Mare," or "Seleucia by the sea," and, from Mount Pierus, it was called "Seleucia Pieria." The city appears to have been a very beautiful one under the rule of the Seleucidae. The harbor was excellent, enclosing a basin of 47 acres. The masonry is yet in good preservation, although the port is choked with sand and mud. There is still a gateway at the south-eastern corner of the city, through which Paul and Barnabas probably passed. The Arabs called it Selukiyeh, and the city is now in a desolate condition, only a small village existing near its site, and called El-Kaluni.

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