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What is the Sea?
     The Hebrew word yam, or "sea," is used in Scripture: (1) for the "gathering of waters," or the ocean, Gen 1:2, 1 Kgs 16:10; Deut 30:13; (2) as referring to the Mediterranean Sea, under the title of the "hinder," the "western," the "utmost," sea, or the "sea of the Philistines," the "great sea," or simply " the sea," Deut 11:24; Deut 34:2; Joel 2:20; Ex 23:31; Num 34:6-7; Josh 15:47; Gen 49:13; Ps 80:11; Ps 107:23; 1 Kgs 4:20; (3) as referring to the Red Sea, Ex 15:4; (4) as referring to inland lakes, like the Salt, or Dead, Sea; (5) to any great collection of waters, as the Nile or the Euphrates in time of a flood or high water. Isa 19:5; Am 8:8, A.V. "flood;" Nah 3:8; Eze 32:2; Jer 51:36.

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