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Who is Satan?
        (adversary), the adversary of God and man, the foe to goodness, and the author of evil. The references in Scripture to Satan, but not commonly by this name, are numerous. The proper name appears five times in the O.T. - 1 Chr 21:1; Job 1:6, Joel 1:12; Ruth 2:1; Zech 3:1; in the N.T. twenty-five times; the word "devil" occurs twenty-five times; "the prince of this world," three times; "the wicked one," six times; "the tempter," twice. In one remarkable verse several epithets are combined - the old serpent, the devil, and Satan, who deceiveth the whole world. Rev 12:9. The most striking mention of Satan is in Job, where he appears among "the sons of God." This is in itself sufficient to prove the subordination of the powers of evil unto God and the permissive nature of sin, and Satan has no authority to vex save as God grants it. The existence of Satan is a perpetual menace to godliness, but by resisting him we put him to flight and deepen our moral nature.

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