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What is a Sanctuary?
        , a holy or sanctified place. Ps 20:2. By this name that part of the temple of Jerusalem was called which was the most secret and most retired, in which was the ark of the covenant, and where none but the high priest might enter, and he only once a year, on the day of solemn expiation. Lev 4:6. It is also applied to the furniture of this holy place. Num 10:21, the apartment where the golden candlestick, table of shew-bread, altar of incense, etc., stood, 2 Chr 26:18, and to the whole tabernacle or temple. Josh 24:26; 2 Chr 20:8. It is called the "sanctuary of strength," because it was a strong place and easily fortified, and it belonged to God, the Strength of Israel, Dan 11:31; "a worldly sanctuary," as it was of a carnal and earthly typical nature. Heb 9:1. It is also applied to any place appointed for the public worship of God, Ps 73:17; to heaven, where God and his holy angels and saints for ever dwell, Ps 102:19; and, in allusion to the Jewish sanctuary, whose brazen altar protected petty criminals, a place of refuge and shelter is called a "sanctuary," Isa 8:14; Eze 11:16. The land of Israel was called God's sanctuary. Ex 15:17; comp. Ps 78:54; Ps 114:2.

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