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Who is Salu?
        (weighed), a Simeonite chief. Num 25:14. SALUTES Matt 10:12. SALUTA'TION. Luke 1:41. The salutations of the Jews were usually of a religious character - at least, in form - and were attended with much ceremony, as they are to this day among the Orientals, even the Bedouins of the desert. Sometimes there was nothing but the simple exclamation, "The Lord be with you!" or "Peace be with you!" To this last and most common form striking allusion is made by our Saviour. John 14:27; Matt 20:19, Acts 11:26. It passed into the epistolary salutation. Rom 1:7, etc. The time occupied in the ceremonies of salutation, repeatedly bowing, kissing the beard, etc., was often very considerable, Modes of Salutation in the East. Gen 33:3-4, and hence the caution in 2 Kgs 4:29; Luke 10:4 against saluting.

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