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What is Salem?
        (peace), the place of which Melchizedek was king Gen 14:18; Heb 7:1-2. This word is only used elsewhere in Ps 76:2. Some would interpret it, in the first two passages, not as signifying a place, but that Melchizedek was "king of peace." The majority understand it to mean a place, and it is usually interpreted as referring to Jerusalem. Thus Josephus understood it. The name "Jireh," from Gen 22:14, was supposed to have been added to "Salem" to form "Jerusalem," but this is uncertain. Jerome made the Salem of Gen 14:18 and the Shalem of Gen 33:18 identical, and fixed it 6 miles from Scythopolis, while Van de Velde discovered the name in that neighborhood; but if such a Salem existed, it cannot be proved to be the town of Melchizedek. There might be an identity between Salem and Salim. See Salim.

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