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What is Salcah?
        , and SAL'CHAH (pilgrimage ?), a city on the eastern frontier of Bashan; captured by the Israelites and assigned to the half tribe of Manasseh, but close to the border of Gad. Deut 3:10; Josh 12:5; Acts 13:11; 1 Chr 5:11. Salcah is identical with modern Sulkhad, 56 miles east of the Jordan, at the southern end of Jebel Hauran. Near it begins the great desert, which stretches to the Euphrates. The city occupies a commanding position; on the summit of a hill is a castle dating back to a period as early as the Romans, and surrounded by a deep moat now partially filled with stone. On several of the portals there are Roman eagles and Arabic and Greek inscriptions. Some of the latter have been found bearing the dates a.d. 196 and a.d. 246. There are about eight hundred stone houses, many of them in a good state of preservation, but occupied by only a few families. The view from this site embraces the ruins of many other cities.

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