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What is Salamis?
        (peaceful, or beaten), a seaport-town with a good harbor, on the eastern coast of Cyprus. It was visited by Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. Acts 13:5. The city was once the capital of Cyprus, and stood on the north side of the river Pediaeus. The land is low in this region, and this river is the only true one in the island, the other streams being merely winter-torrents. We read of "synagogues," from which it is evident that the Jewish population in the city was numerous. The island was productive, and its trade in fruit, wine, flax, and honey, and the farming out of the copper-mines by Augustus to Herod, would naturally attract many Jews to this city. In the time of Trajan and Hadrian, there were great insurrections of the Jews; Salamis was partially destroyed, and its demolition completed by an earthquake, but it was rebuilt by a Christian emperor and named Constantia. Its site is now traced by broken cisterns and columns and the foundations of ancient buildings. The ruins are known as Old Famugusta.

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