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Who is Obadiah?
        (servant of Jehovah). 1. A descendant of the house of David. 1 Chr 3:21. 2. A chief of Issachar. 1 Chr 7:3. 3. One of the six sons of Azel. 1 Chr 8:38; 1 Chr 9:44. 4. A son of Shemaiah. 1 Chr 9:16. 5. A Gadite who joined David in the wilderness. 1 Chr 12:9. 6. A godly officer in the court of Ahab who concealed one hundred and fifty prophets in the persecution of Jezebel. 1 Kgs 18:3-16. 7. A prince who taught the Law in Jehoshaphat's reign. 2 Chr 17:7. 8. Father of Ishmaiah. 1 Chr 27:19. 9. One of the overseers of the temple repairs in Josiah's reign. 2 Chr 34:12. 10. A son of Jehiel. Ezr 8:9. 11. One of those who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah. Neh 10:5. 12. A porter in Jerusalem. Neh 12:25. 13. The prophet whose prophecy is placed fourth among the minor prophecies. Absolutely nothing is known of his life. His prophecy was uttered subsequently to b.c. 588, as we draw from Ob 11, where the capture of Jerusalem and the captivity of Jacob are referred to as past events. The captivity of this verse is in all probability that by Nebuchadnezzar in b.c. 588. Prophecy of, contains (1) a general arraignment of Edom for its pride and presumption, Ob 1-9. (2) A more particular statement of its offence as violence against Jacob, his brother, and neglect to help Jerusalem against the enemies that took her inhabitants captive, vs. 10-16. (3) An account of the prosperity of Zion when Jacob should return from his captivity and Esau be discomfited. vs. 17-21. It is doubtful whether the final verses have yet been fulfilled. There is a striking resemblance between the first nine verses of this prophecy and Jer 49:7-16. One prophet must have read the other's prophecy.

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