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What are the Journeyings of Israel?
     Num 9:17-23. See Exodus, Sinai, and Wilderness of the Wanderings. JOY is an agreeable affection of the soul, 1 Sam 18:6, arising from the possession or prospect of good. Ezr 6:16; Esth 8:16. It is reckoned among "the fruit of the Spirit," Gal 5:22, and is chiefly used by the sacred writers, especially of the N.T., to signify a religious emotion. That which springs from a sense of pardoned sin and a union of the soul to Christ is pure, Luke 15:9-10; certain, John 16:22; unspeakable, 1 Pet 1:8; and eternal. Isa 61:7. "Believers are commanded to rejoice, Phil 3:1;Phil 4:4, but there is also a worldly, foolish, or hypocritical joy. Job 20:5; Prov 15:21. That which has no better source than in vanity or sin will in the end be turned to bitterness." -- Ayre.

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