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Who is Jotham?
        (Jehovah is upright). 1. The youngest son of Jerubbaal, or Gideon, the only one who escaped from the massacre at Ophrah, Jud 9:5; and this he did by concealing himself. See Abimelech. 2. The son and successor of Uzziah, or Azariah, king of Judah. 2 Kgs 15:32. He actually reigned 23 years, being associated with his father for 7 years before his death. His sole administration of the government was only for 16 years, b.c. 758-741. Comp. 2 Kgs 15:30, 2 Kgs 15:32-33. His example was holy; his reign was peaceful and prosperous, and of course beneficial to the kingdom. 2 Chr 27:2-6. 3. One of Judah's descendants. 1 Chr 2:47.

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