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Who is Josiah?
        (whom Jehovah heals). 1. The son and successor of Amon, king of Judah, began to reign when he was only 8 years of age, and reigned 31 years, b.c. 641-610. 2 Kgs 22:1-2; 2 Chr 34:1, 2. He was remarkable for his integrity and piety. He gradually abolished the idolatrous customs of his predecessors, 2 Chr 34:3, and in the eighteenth year of his reign began a thorough repair of the temple. In the progress of this work Hilkiah the high priest found a "book of the law of the Lord given by Moses." 2 Chr 34:14. What book it was is uncertain; probably it was Deuteronomy. Josiah seems to have been ignorant of its existence; but when it was read to him by one of his officers he was overwhelmed with grief to find how far they and their fathers had departed from the right way. He, however, humbled himself before God, and sent to inquire of the Lord through Huldah the prophetess. In Jehovah's name she assured him that evil was determined of the Lord, but that he should not see it. 2 Chr 34:23-28. He then assembled the people and published the Law in their hearing, and they all united with the king in a solemn vow of obedience. After this he utterly destroyed every vestige of idolatry, both images and temples, and then, by divine command, caused the feast of the Passover to be celebrated with such solemnity as had not been known since the days of Samuel. 2 Chr 35:3-18. When Pharaoh-Neeho went up from Egypt to Carchemish, Josiah, probably as the ally or vassal of the king of Assyria, opposed him, and, mistrusting Necho's message from God, gave the Egyptian battle at Megiddo, but was mortally wounded, and was brought to Jerusalem, where he died, and was buried in one of the sepulchres of his fathers. No king, perhaps, was ever more deservedly beloved, and certainly we know of none who was more sincerely and tenderly bewailed by his people. Indeed, his death was the end of prosperity to the kingdom of Judah. Jeremiah the prophet was greatly affected by it, and composed an elegy on the occasion, 2 Chr 35:25, and all those accustomed to celebrate in song the worth and achievements of men of great eminence, both men and women, mourned for Josiah for ages after his death. Indeed, the mourning was such as to become proverbial. Zech 12:11. He was only 39 years of age when he died. 1. The man in whose house the symbolical crowning of Jeshua took place. Zech 6:10.

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