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Who is Joel?
        (Jehovah is his God). 1. The first-born of Samuel. 1 Sam 8:2; 1 Chr 6:33; 1 Chr 15:17. By a curious error his name is given as Vashni, which means "second," in 1 Chr 6:28, the word Joel having dropped out. The verse, therefore, should read "The first-born Joel, and the second Abiah." 2. A Simeonite chief. 1 Chr 4:35. 3. A Reubenite. 1 Chr 5:4, 1 Chr 5:8. 4. A Gadite chief. 1 Chr 5:12. 5. A Kohathite, 1 Chr 6:36, but probably merely a corruption of Shaul in 1 Chr 6:24. 6. One of Issachar's posterity. 1 Chr 7:3. 7. One of David's heroes; called Igal in 2 Sam 23:36; 1 Chr 11:38. 8. A Gershonite chief. 1 Chr 15:7, 1 Chr 15:11. 9. The Gershonite appointed with his brother over the treasures of the house of the Lord. 1 Chr 23:8; 1 Chr 26:22. 10. A Manassite chief on the west of Jordan. 1 Chr 27:20. 11. A Kohathite in Hezekiah's reign. 2 Chr 29:12. 12. One who had a foreign wife. Ezr 10:43. 13. The Benjamite overseer of those of his tribe and that of Judah who lived in Jerusalem. Neh 11:9. 14. The son of Pethuel, one of the minor prophets. Nothing is recorded of his personal history but the most likely conjectures assign him to the reign of Uzziah and make him reside in Judah. Joel, Book of. It may be divided into two parts: I. Joel 1:1-2:17 describes a sore judgment which is to come upon the land, and grounds upon it a call to repentance. II. Joel 2:18-3:21 contains the blessings which Jehovah will confer upon the chosen people, and announces when the Messiah has come, the outpouring of the Spirit and the complete conquest of Judah over her foes, resulting in absolute and unbreakable peace. The second chapter contains a prophecy of a terrible plague of locusts, but a symbolical use is made of the incursion to foretell the attack of Judah's foes. Joel's style is classical; "it is elegant and perspicuous, and at the same time nervous, animated, and sublime." - Ayre. The fulfilment of his Messianic prophecies is noticed in the N.T. Acts 2:16-21; Rom 10:13.

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