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Who is Jezebel?
        (chaste), the wife of Ahab, king of Israel, was the daughter of a Zidonian king, 1 Kgs 16:31, and of course educated in the idolatrous practices of her native country. She was the virtual ruler of Israel. She introduced the worship of Baal and other idols, maintaining 400 priests of Astarte at her own expense, while Ahab maintained 450 priests of Baal. 1 Kgs 18:19. She resolved on the extermination of all the prophets of God. Obadiah, who was a pious man and principal officer of Ahab's household, rescued one hundred of them at one time from her grasp, and supplied them with bread and water while they were concealed in caves. 1 Kgs 18:3-4, 1 Kgs 18:13. Soon after this, Elijah caused the 450 priests of Baal supported by Ahab to be put to death. For this proceeding Jezebel threatened to take the life of Elijah, but her purpose was frustrated. Soon afterward she planned and perpetrated the murder of Naboth; and by using the king's name and authority with the leading men of Jezreel, she secured their co-operation in the flagrant crime. 1 Kgs 21:1-13. Her doom was predicted by Elijah, and was in due time visited upon her to the very letter. 2 Kgs 9:30-37. See Ahab, Elijah, Jehu. In Rev 2:20 the name Jezebel is used symbolically, and with us it is common as a name of infamy. Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth is often, though improperly, compared to Jezebel.

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