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Who is Jether?
        (excellence). 1. In margin of Ex 4:18. See Jethro. 2. The eldest of Gideon's 70 sons. Jud 8:20. 3. The husband of Abigail, David's sister, and father of Amasa, captain of Absalom's host, 2 Sam 17:25; called "Ithra, an Israelite," in that verse, but in 1 Chr 2:17, more correctly, "Jether the Ishmaelite." 4. A member of the tribe of Judah. 1 Chr 2:32. 5. Another member. 1 Chr 4:17. 6. One of the sons of Asher. 1 Chr 7:38; probably identical with the Ithran of 1 Chr 7:37.

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